This app gives us full control over your internet enabled computer, so you can use it for work or video games with services to increase your CSGO rank and more.


  • Permanent, any-time access to your computer.
  • Full control over your entire computer system & applications.
  • Monitor & Manage background processes and services.


This app gives us temporary control over your internet enabled computer.


  • Temporary, once-off access to your computer.
  • Gives us remote access to your screen, mouse & keyboard.
  • Once done and the app is closed it is removed from your system.

AnyDesk Remote Desktop

A lightweight alternative to TeamViewer for systems running on slower network speeds.


We now support REMOTE Smartphone & Tablet Support.

If you would like one of our technicians to provide you with professional remote IT support for your Android enabled device, simply follow these easy steps.

  1. Download and Install the Team Viewer QS App form the Google Play Store (download link below - "Team Viewer For Android").
  2. Download and Install the Team Viewer QS add-on corisponding with your device (see "Quick Support Add-On" list).
  3. Launch the "Quick Support" app.
  4. Email, text or even WhatsApp us your unique QS ID.
  5. Keep the app open.
  6. Wait for and Accept the prompt requesting access to your device.
  7. Wait for and Accept the prompt requesting remote control accessibility to your device.
  8. We are then on your device, ready to assist you remotely as if your device is physically in the capable hands of our trusted technicians.


Please select the QS Add-On corresponding to your device.

Note: You have have to install the the TeamViewer for Android add-on for the selected QS add-on to work.