The Scenario

You just cannot get it right in Excel! "Too many worksheets to update. Then I have to wait for someone else from downstairs to finish before I can print. Then, the document is not complete-all this while the delivery van or client is waiting."  Sound familiar?

What you need!

Simple put, what you need is a small custom written application that is shaped around the PROCESSES of YOUR business.

We can help! Take a look at some of the applications we have developed for the manufacturing, tourist and hospitality industry

Area of business that we have developed software for:

  1. Production Management

    a. Basic Bill of Materials
    b. Barcode & Label printing software
    c. Serial port scale integration
    d. Basic Time and Attendance
    e. Stock Control

  2. Hospitality industry

    a. Simple event management
    b. Ticket issue and Remote Console Ticketing.

  3. Job management

    a. Keep track of Purchase orders from the point of issue to billing
    b. Real-time system that manages jobs, time, workflows, archiving and costing

  4. Debtors control

    a. Easy invoicing – email, pdf
    b. Statements to clients – email, pdf

  5. Storage Management

    a. Manage your warehouse, like cold-rooms, by pallet using goods received and issue notes.

  6. Online

    a. Online forms
    b. Integrate online databases with desktop applications. For example: Online shop transactions.

We develop our software mainly in Clarion which is C and C# based.  We integrate with Microsoft SQL, MySql and many other ODBC supported databases - ISAM. Our applications takes a very small footprint and allow multiple users access to the same database, either onsite, or remotely.

Why not fill in the Request for Online Quotation Form and we will contact you. We service most areas in the Western Cape.