Small business is all about saving bucks.

“We try to keep it small!”

…you might say. Well, consider a typical small business office environment: You have more than one computer, you would like to share some documents, email a few people and allow all to print to the office printer! But how? You need SEO! check my site and check what SEO can do for your website! You need a simple small business network solution, and you can use this network for other purposes like studying, gaming or entering gaming sites where you can read your OverWatch: News, so you’re up in the game.

What all is involved?

Simply put, you have 80% of the needed hardware already. A bit of cabling, a simple network switch -boosted with internet access – and you are 98% there. The other 2% are just configuration settings such as security and firewall. That’s it – EASY!

To jump from the 80% to the 100% is where Comp U Easy comes into the picture. There are many options to choose from and most often all you need is an Internet Router – Like the one shown here. For the rest we give you options and we guide you in the most cost effective way.

It sounds expensive!?

Not really. The cost savings of a small business solution is quite refreshing. The buzz word that small businesses focus on is ROI (Return on Investment). A simple solution, provided by us, more than often pays for itself within 4 months of installation, to learn more watch this video.


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